Hidden Treasures

Have you ever wondered how some of the ‘greats’ came to be so great? Where did they start, how did they begin? Let us take you on a journey. Our Hidden Treasures tour uncovers some wineries with some great Aussie characters, intimate and fun cellar doors, some incredibly good wines and occasionally, the friendly wine dog coming to say hello.

Taste some stunning wines produced from just an acre or two of land bought on an impulse, through to larger holdings that aren’t yet recognised. Some of these wineries are the secret gems of Tasmania.

Discover them now, with us, before the rest of Australia does.

The east coast has greater heat degree days than other viticultural areas of Tasmania – warmer and drier than the rest of the state. Good reasons why site selection is such a vital factor in grape growing and wine making.

The day’s adventure across to the southern part of Tasmania’s east coast will uncover some hidden gems – Why are the wines here so different and so good? My aim is to open a window into “why?” and to have you sounding like a wine expert by the end of our adventure if you don’t already.

With StelaVino you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the views, enjoy the food, enjoy the company, enjoy the wine, and get back home looking like a wine expert.

Don’t pay any extra on a StelaVino Guided Wine Tour Hobart Tasmania. Your wine day out is all inclusive, and StelaVino provides a bottle of water for each StelaVino guest.