Coal River Valley

  Come and join this day’s adventure to see if you can pick the nuances from winemaker to winemaker. My aim is to have you looking and sounding like a wine expert, if you don’t already. The Coal River Valley is only 20 minutes away from Hobart, but don’t be tempted to do the region on your own, I will guide you from one vineyard to the next.  Be transported on our Coal River Valley adventure where you can savour the wines, enjoy a chef prepared lunch in an informal setting whilst overlooking the magnificent, sweeping views of the Coal River Valley. There are well known wineries that we will visit AND there are some wonderful HIDDEN TREASURES. Major irrigation projects have made the Coal River Valley into a Viticultural haven producing some of Tasmania’s best wines. As is the case with Cool Climate wine regions like Burgundy and the Coal River Valley, site selection; Sunshine; protection from Frost, strong Winds; gentle and steep slopes magnify the Sun’s rays on the grape berries and are all important in helping to produce some of the best wines in the World.