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The Coal River Valley wine region Hobart


Richmond, in the Coal River Valley is the shortest distance you will travel to completely escape the city and be transported to another time.

Why are the wines and the wineries in the Coal River Valley so good? Because the wine regions within the valley and surrounds, have deep, rich soils, black cracking clay above rich limestone veins, iron-rich Jurassic dolerite and an abundance of water, mostly taken by 3 irrigation schemes from the Derwent River, and sunshine. The vineyards that are located inland from surrounding bodies of water are considerably drier than the vineyards near our coastal waters and rivers. While being more continental, the northern parts of Coal River Valley still enjoy interaction from the surrounding Southern Ocean, moderated by a maritime climate, allowing them to have a long ripening period. This creates a beautiful diurnal effect of warm sunny days and cool dewy nights allowing the grapes to ripen slowly and retain more fruit-flavour than most regions around the world. This also gives us distinct annual seasons. The lower rainfall of the region presents a great opportunity in reducing disease pressures in our vineyards.

The result? Some unique and wonderful wines with intense fruit-flavours and are beautifully balanced by their natural acids, ensuring freshness.

"The Richmond Road is packed with some of Tasmania's finest vineyards & wineries. The friendly families offer unconventional hidden gems including .........."
"Travelling north takes us to picturesque Richmond, its elegant Georgian architecture dating back to the 1820's. A perfect place to rest."
"Then onward through the valley towards Campania...."

The Derwent Valley
Wine region Tasmania


The wineries & vineyards are laid out close to the river on gentle slopes, magnifying the calming effects of a maritime climate.

The Vineyards are so very close to the large bodies of water that it helps to ensure maximum flavours and quality in each grape berry.